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Cosmetic Tooth Filling.

Dentist in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, india places tooth color restorative material, esthetic tooth fillings, cosmetic tooth fillings, cosmetic tooth restoration, light cured tooth color restoration,self adhesive tooth color restoration, tooth color filling material to restore tooth.

A dental cement should blend with the natural tooth not only in strength but also in its look, so that its impossible to recognize a foreign material placement in the tooth. Replacing older filling material previously commonly known as silver which would stand out in dentition. These replacement cement fillings make a person conscious in public while smiling or talking.

We are placing high strength and excellent tooth colored filling materials.
  • Nano hybrid composites- these are modern day filling materials which are excellent in their function as well as in looks. All shades of natural dentition are available. These are technique sensitive in placement and these material we are proudly using for our esteemed patients so they shouldnot be conscious in public while smiling or speaking.
  • GIC fillings- these are less technique sensitive and are tooth colored filling materials. These are quick to place and also has anticarious property.
  • Zirconium/porcelain crowns-an excellent replacement option for badly damaged or large carious tooth or in RCT treated tooths. These can be made in various shades of natural tooth color. They are also mechanically strong.
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